Growth Strategy

There is always another business knocking at your consumer or retail partner’s door.

Whatever stage your business is at, success is about optimising the relative potency of its similarities and differences compared to your competitors.

Analysis of those competitors yields a goldmine of insights to inform your SEO, brand and product strategies.

My SEO-led and brand-led competitive analyses give you the data and actionable insights to enable you to beat your competition hands down.

SEO Competitive Analysis

My SEO-led competitive analysis covers:

Your main competitors in search (they may differ form your business competitors)

Your competitive landscape with key SEO metrics, to assess how much catching up you have to do

Backlink growth analysis, to assess your competitors’ link-building activities

Websites that have linked to your competitors the most, so you can assess them for your own outreach

Your competitors’ broken pages, so you can produce better content and reach out for backlinks to your live page

Your competitors’ organic keywords to assess and improve your own keyword strategy

Your competitors’ featured snippets, to assess if you could achieve results for this SERP feature

Your competitors’ keyword content gaps, so you can create and promote content to fill those gaps

Your competitors’ most popular content so you can create better, promote harder and improve rankings

Your competitors’ most linked content so you can create better, promote harder and improve rankings

Brand Competitive Analysis

My brand-led competitive analysis covers the following aspects of your top competitors:

Brand positioning

Brand story

Brand architecture

Brand identity design

Packaging and label design

Verbal identity

Proposition, features and benefits messaging

Synergy and support of branding to product

Use of imagery, video, illustration and graphics

Branding application across traditional and social media, and marketing materials

Data Provider

I use Ahrefs – the leading tool for SEO and search insights that is trusted by marketers from the world’s biggest brands.

Ahrefs crawls the entire web 24/7 (much like search engines do) storing petabytes of information about live websites — how they link to each other and what keywords they rank for in search results.

Every 24 hours the Ahrefs content index discovers 30 million new pages and updates metrics for 350 million pages. The Ahrefs Keyword index contains 11.6 billion keywords across 10 search engines in 229 countries. And, Ahrefs boasts the world’s largest index of live backlinks, updated with fresh data every 15-30 minutes.

Ahrefs is powered by seriously big data. Contact me to discuss how we can make it work for your food or drink business.